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“Entertainment Books have been sold by the Cancer Council for a number of years now. Initially we were a little sceptical about how well the Books would sell, but were pleasantly surprised by the customer response and repeat business, with our sales increasing dramatically each year. The Entertainment Books are now an integral part of our winter fundraising period.”

Lauren Jones
Cancer Council of NSW

“The sale of Entertainment Books has again significantly contributed to our fundraising efforts, enabling us to buy specialist equipment for people living with MND. The Books are a great idea and as we have been selling them for a number of years now, we have so many repeat customers that we find the Books ‘sell themselves’. Your professional attitude and help and that of all the staff at Entertainment Publications are very much appreciated.”

Suzanne Ballinger
Fundraiser Volunteer, Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW, Inc.

“It has been such a lovely experience working with Entertainment to raise much-needed funds for the RSPCA ACT, and we have managed to achieve fantastic results. From the very beginning, all the set-up was done for me. The online payment page was a winner! It was quick and very easy to track with the confirmation emails that came through to me. Entertainment is one of the easiest fundraisers I have ever been involved with – of course it helps when you are working with such a great product that you truly believe in!”

Emma Pieper
 Dialysis Support Group

“We have been utilising the Entertainment Books for ten years, raising money for The Royal Melbourne Hospital Dialysis Support Group. A major benefit of using the Entertainment Book as a fundraiser is that the Books sell themselves. Every year people look forward to getting their Books, and when they have purchased once, they tend to come back year after year.”

Anita Narduzzo
Dialysis Support Group, The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Anita Narduzzo, Dialysis Support Group
Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales

“Entertainment Books are a successful part of our fundraising mix each year, providing a consistent and regular source of income from repeat customers and also attracting new supporters. We generate pre-launch sales by promoting the campaign to past buyers and through our monthly e-newsletter, then continue the campaign throughout the peak selling time using our website, e-newsletters and putting flyer inserts in with our quarterly printed newsletter.”

Sally Shepherd
Fundraising Manager, Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales
Emma Fenton, Cystic Fibrosis NSW
 Guide Dogs Queensland

“Fundraising is essential for Guide Dogs Queensland and items like the Entertainment Book have always been a great support. The book sells itself and customers come back year after year for the latest edition. The funds raised through sales assist us to purchase the items we need to continue providing free services to thousands of Queenslanders every year.“

Dan English
Chief Executive Officer, Guide Dogs Queensland
Chris Laine, Guide Dogs Queensland

“The Staff Community Fund has been selling the Entertainment Book for the last couple of years and we find the Book is a very easy fundraiser to manage. It’s a successful and popular fundraiser, and with staff coming back each year to purchase their Books, so they practically sell themselves. Our staff are constantly amazed with the quality of the restaurants in the Book. The services section at the back of the Book is also very popular for employees who do not dine out regularly; they still get a lot of value out of the Book with dry cleaning, video rental and grocery offers.”

Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund

“The Nestlé Social Club is a great supporter of the Entertainment Book, and members look forward to receiving their Book each year. The funds raised are donated to the Habitat for Humanity and Taronga Zoo. We love that we can supply the Books to our social club members whilst also giving something back to the community. The sales materials supplied make selling the Books easy as there are so many different types of flyers and emails for us to use. Because these are all designed and sent out to us by our Account Manager, selling the Entertainment Books doesn’t take up a lot of my time.”

Nestlé Social Club

“This is the 3rd year the AGD Social Club has sold the Entertainment Book to AGD staff, family and friends and it has been a great success! The Books are an excellent way for our club to fundraise, and the best thing is that selling them is so easy. Our Account Manager gave us everything we needed to help us meet our fundraising goals, from promotional materials, display Books and electronic resources, to clever ideas for selling those last few Books. We look forward to working with you again next year.”

Tracy Brennan
AGD Social Club Committee

“The Club is once again very pleased to promote the sale of these fantastic Books. This is our 16th year, and our customers still support us and express the joy they get at discovering the value, especially when using the Gold Section. Even more important to us as a charitable organisation, is the satisfaction of receiving 20% profit for every Book sold. This has contributed approximately $7,500 to our fundraising.”

Gordon Reid
Lions Club of Ku-ring-gai

“Fundraising with Entertainment is a great way for the Starlight Children’s Foundation to raise funds for our programs. Starlight doesn’t receive any Government funding and relies on the support of the community and fundraising initiatives like the Entertainment Memberships to help support programs. Starlight has sold Entertainment Books for the past couple of years and recorded growth in sales year on year.”

Jayne Graham
State Partnerships Manager, Starlight Children’s Foundation

“The Entertainment Books are now a permanent fixture on our Fundraising Calendar. Fundraising with the Books is always such an easy, stress-free experience which returns great profits for our Centre. If you don’t fundraise with Entertainment Books, you are missing out on making some seriously easy money for your business and missing out on great deals at the same time.

Michelle Collins
Brandon Park Children’s Centre

“We at Target Head Office Social Club would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for allowing us to be involved in the selling of your fantastic Books again this year. We sold 100 Books, raising $1,100, which was a great effort, and gave us a helping hand in the fundraising department. The Books sell themselves, and it is such an easy way to raise money for our members.”

Ingrid Dean
Target Social Club President
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