Entertainment™ Memberships are a unique marketing tool used by over 10,000 restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand to help introduce word-of-mouth advertising. Memberships feature a limited number of selected restaurants in each major city. Restaurants do not pay to be included — they are chosen based on awards, reviews and personal recommendations.

Memberships are sold as either a Book with a Gold Card or Vouchers for redemption, or as a Digital Membership with redemption directly through the Member’s phone.

What type of customer do Memberships reach?
  • Entertainment™ Memberships are provided to high-profile corporate social clubs, charities and community groups who sell them as a fundraiser.
  • Your restaurant reaches a highly affluent, socially active and dining-oriented market.
  • Your participation sends a message to local residents that you value their business and are supportive of the local community.
What do I need to do to be included?
  • To be included, your restaurant provides a one-time introductory incentive (a complimentary main course or 25% off the total bill), which is designed to motivate Entertainment™ Members to try your restaurant.
  • Customers who are impressed by their experience at your restaurant will generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, and will be more likely to return as regular full-paying customers.
Does the Entertainment™ program work?
  • Independent research* shows that over 97% of Entertainment™ Members have dined at a restaurant for the first time using their Membership.
  • This research also shows that over 91% of customers have returned, or plan to return, to businesses found through their Membership.
  • Participation in the Entertainment™ program has resulted in an increase in business of up to 30% and an average return on investment in excess of 10 to 1.

For more information about marketing your business, phone your local Entertainment office, or submit an enquiry.

Read a selection of success stories from businesses currently participating in the program.

*McCrindle Research conducted on Entertainment™ Book owners August 2016.